Your Complete Guide To REI Skip Tracing

Your Complete Guide To REI Skip Tracing

What is skip tracing? Skip tracing is one of the most powerful tools in a real estate wholesaler’s tool belt. When you’re trying to track down a property’s owner, information that is easy to find is typically not enough. By using additional data sourced from credit reports, utility accounts, and social media profiles, you can get a more accurate picture of a person’s life, including their probable whereabouts. REI skip tracing is one of the best methods for connecting with property owners and brokering wholesale deals. Find out how to use the right data to boost your investment prospects.

What is REI Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing for REI works by collecting data from various sources and using that data to identify the best contact information for an individual. It’s often necessary because of incorrect or insufficient information available from public records. Suppose you’re trying to reach out to a property owner based on the information included in a property deed. In that case, there’s a good chance that the data is outdated — and if you are seeking information for a property that’s vacant or occupied by renters, you may have even more difficulty.

What Does It Reveal?

One of the most significant benefits of REI skip tracing is the wealth of data it can reveal. Most people don’t realize how much personal information can be found on their social media profiles or through an online search. Skip tracing can disclose this information and provide real estate investors with valuable insights. Some of the information included in a skip tracing report is a person’s current address, phone number, employer, and social media accounts.

Who Uses REI Skip Tracing?

Anybody can use REI skip tracing, but it’s particularly advantageous to professionals seeking information about wholesale prospects. If you are a real estate investor looking for deals on promising properties, you need to have the correct data at your disposal. REI skip tracing is the best way to garner high-quality data, and you can outsource the research to professionals when you invest in batch skip tracing reports. Batch skip tracing allows you to generate reports on countless properties and property owners in just a few clicks.

How Do You Get Started?

Skip tracing can be done in many different ways. If you want to embark on the process yourself, you’ll need to research the subject of your report, find information that’s published online, and look for social media accounts. Whatever information you find can then be used to seek out their contact information. For most real estate investors, though, conducting a skip trace report on every prospect is too time-consuming to be realistic. Many investors and wholesalers prefer to purchase batch skip tracing reports for this reason.

Why You Should Use It?

There are many reasons why investors rely on skip tracing to connect with prospective clients. Public information is notoriously unreliable when providing property owners’ information, but the information you need can often be found through a deep dive into a person’s web presence. Why should you invest in skip tracing, though? The answer is simple — leverage. The more information you have about a wholesale prospect, the more effectively you can negotiate a deal. Batch Skip Tracing allows you to use unique insights to your advantage, reach out to property owners with confidence, and pursue the most promising leads.

Invest in batch skip tracing records to learn more about the property owners you need to connect with. The right information can help you close wholesale deals and build your investment portfolio.

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