How Address History Helps Skip Trace An Individual

Where a person lived in the past may not seem like much help in finding where they live now, but there can be a lot of information buried in address history. If you’re using skip tracing to locate individuals, learn more about using address history to help you understand where they might live now. What […]

What Is Online Skip Tracing?

Online skip tracing takes the physical process out of finding people who might have relocated to different parts of the country for various reasons without notifying the proper people or tying up loose ends before their departure. If you needed to find someone who had mysteriously migrated, you would have to visit courthouses or private […]

Your Complete Guide To REI Skip Tracing

What is skip tracing? Skip tracing is one of the most powerful tools in a real estate wholesaler’s tool belt. When you’re trying to track down a property’s owner, information that is easy to find is typically not enough. By using additional data sourced from credit reports, utility accounts, and social media profiles, you can […]

Your Complete Guide To Skip Tracing In New York

Skip tracing is a time-tested, reliable method of tracking down hard-to-find individuals for various reasons. Today’s professional use ranges from debt collection to bail bonds, real estate investment, and marketing. You can use the information gleaned to make contact in various ways. Phone or SMS outreach for most kinds of debt collection Email or landline […]