Your Complete Guide To REI Skip Tracing

What is skip tracing? Skip tracing is one of the most powerful tools in a real estate wholesaler’s tool belt. When you’re trying to track down a property’s owner, information that is easy to find is typically not enough. By using additional data sourced from credit reports, utility accounts, and social media profiles, you can […]

How To Skip Trace A Tenant

Investors who get into managing long-term income properties often find it helpful to skip trace tenants and applicants. This can be done for various reasons and might even happen for the same tenant multiple times if they move units or rent additional space. It can track down commercial or residential tenants, and it scales. That […]

How To Skip Trace Property Owners

Off-market properties are the hottest area of real estate investment because the pool of operators with access to the leads you are working with is a lot smaller. That small pool is due to the different skills and commitment to the work it takes and the need for specialized tools like skip tracing options that […]

Understanding Free & Paid Skip Tracing Tools 2022

Understanding Free & Paid Skip Tracing Tools 2022

Skip tracing is the process of tracking down individuals by looking up public records information about them. In the private investigation industry, it is often a service provided by P.I.s, but more frequently, one used by them to track down a subject and make contact. This technique has become more popular among the public in […]