How Address History Helps Skip Trace An Individual

How Address History Helps Skip Trace An Individual

Where a person lived in the past may not seem like much help in finding where they live now, but there can be a lot of information buried in address history. If you’re using skip tracing to locate individuals, learn more about using address history to help you understand where they might live now. What is skip tracing? It’s simply the process of looking up someone’s whereabouts. You may have someone’s name and phone number, but you need an address. This is where skip tracing comes in.

Verify Identity by Address Lookup

When you need to verify a person’s identity, mismatched or incomplete records can make it difficult. Address history can help you match up records to confirm information to do due diligence when skip tracing. Past addresses can help you ensure that you’ve found the right person.

Gain a Better Understanding of an Individual’s Background with an Address Search

When you view the address history of an individual, you can get a better idea of who that person is. You can learn whether they tend to move around or stay in one place for a while. You may learn more about their behaviors and interests from their past addresses. With an address search, you can connect past jobs and learn more about where the person may be headed.

Skip Trace an Individual with Address Search

Skip tracing usually starts with an address search, but hard-to-find individuals may not be at the most current address stored in databases. Your only option may be to start with their past addresses to learn where they are today. BatchSkipTracing can help you quickly sort through large amounts of data to find people who don’t want to be found.

Build Connections with Reverse Address Search

The longer a person lives in a location, the more they connect with their neighbors. Using reverse address search helps you find connections who may know the individual you’re searching for. You can fill in missing holes that can help you find a hard-to-find individual to ensure you’re reaching the right person.

Key Takeaways to Maximize Your Address History Search

Skip tracing might be more accessible than ever in the digital age, but many people who don’t want to be found are off the grid. This can make searching online for them even more difficult.

Be Thorough and Use Multiple Sites

Cross-reference information to get to the most current information. Don’t be afraid to use multiple sites. Batch Skip Tracing can be valuable to help you sort through mountains of details from credit bureaus, business registrations, public records, and motor vehicle records.

Run Reports on Associates or Close Family Members

When trying to locate an incredibly hard-to-find person, use their close family or associates to help track down information and verify it. Reach out to people to ask for contact information. Be sure to give an option that lets the person either pass on information or let you know that they don’t know the person. While the friend or family member may not give out information to you, you may get them to pass your information to the one you’re trying to find.

Don’t Use Only Free Sites

We may live in the information age, but there is a lot of information considered proprietary and private. Skip tracing can’t be limited to free sites, such as Google, social media, and people finder websites. Using a high-quality skip tracing site that aggregates data from multiple sources can reduce your time searching online for someone while giving you more contact information. Don’t discount the past addresses that you find. Take that information and use it to learn more.

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