Taking Skip Tracing To The Next Level

Taking Skip Tracing to the Next Level

There are many ways that real estate investors can combine technology to increase the success of their business. One of these great opportunities comes when pairing skip tracking and call tracking software. This not only provides you with the latest information about properties but it gives you the data that you need while you are on the phone with a prospective prospect.

Basically, when a call comes into your office, the call tracking software will automatically trigger the skip trace for you. This deep tracing service will dig into social media accounts, government records, utility records, and other databases to provide you with information that could be critical to the offer or deal that you are currently working on with the person on the phone.

This instant information can alert you to things like liens on the property which could cost you a great deal of money if you are not aware that they exist. Many property owners will not be as forthcoming as you would hope. And some will go far beyond not telling the whole truth and they will flat out lie to you to get a few extra bucks out of a deal. But with real-time information, you will know the standing of the property and some background about the person whom you are dealing with. It is important to also know that there are times when you will learn some type of information that will instantly tell you that you should not pursue the deal. In these cases, the sooner you know about the issue the better, as you are not wasting time when no deal will ever be struck.

Another time-saving feature of this technology is bulk skip tracing. This allows you to initiate a search of many distressed properties as one time. Even if you are fairly accomplished as the art of skip tracing, there is no way for a person to work through the process as quickly as an automated program. The bottom line with this feature is that it is a huge increase to your bottom line because it saves you so much time.

Skip tracing is a process that provides real estate investors with more unique leads and also verifies information in an efficient and effective manner. Some investors prefer to search using a software feature, while others opt to hire a professional skip tracing service. The choice is yours, but to take your real estate investing to the next level, you need to be using skip tracing to develop your leads.



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