What Is Online Skip Tracing?

What Is Online Skip Tracing

Online skip tracing takes the physical process out of finding people who might have relocated to different parts of the country for various reasons without notifying the proper people or tying up loose ends before their departure. If you needed to find someone who had mysteriously migrated, you would have to visit courthouses or private investigators physically. Still, that process has been streamlined through skip tracing software and online services. Learn more about how online skip tracing can be advantageous for individuals and businesses.

Who Uses Online Skip Tracing?

With the advent of free online skip tracing sites and free online skip tracing tools, almost anyone can use skip tracing technology to attempt to locate someone. However, it is essential to remember that while free online skip tracing claims to save you money, they often return less than accurate results and have hidden fees that come with the multiple searches required for getting to the tier-1 data that you need.

Online skip tracing with the right tools and company ensures that your data is up-to-date and credible. The credibility aspect is essential for many different business needs including but not limited to:

  • Data prefill 
  • Asset searching 
  • Fraud investigations 
  • Real estate leads 
  • Debt buyers 
  • Cold case investigations
  • Court orders 
  • Divorce papers

What Does It Reveal When You Skip Trace?

If you’re wondering what skip tracing is used for, it is often used to locate someone who needs to complete something. That “something” could be an application, a payment, signing papers, selling a property, finishing a sentence, receiving a check, or any other alternatives.

Skip tracing is also regularly applied by legal and law enforcement departments to locate individuals or groups. It is practical because so much information can be returned in a quick search. However, depending on the motives for your trace, returns can provide a much larger breadth of knowledge or just a few key details. Most businesses and individuals search for the correct names, current addresses, and an accurate method of communication when they skip trace.

Batch skip tracing is another popular search application because it is a method that returns essential information for more than one person and, often, for a large number of people. You set the search parameters for which information you would like returned on the setlist of people. Depending on how many data sets you choose to return, results could come back instantly or in one to two days.

While social media might not seem like a typically requested return result, it is often a common data point that can identify location and acquaintances to gather more information for legal proceedings and witness cases for law enforcement. Other standard sets of data returned by individual or significant batch traces include:

  • Changes of address
  • Professional licenses
  • Vehicle registrations 
  • Property records 
  • Legal and court history 
  • Tax filings and details 
  • Credit score details 
  • Travel records

Why Should You Use Online Skip Tracing?

Timing is essential. Outdated information leads to dead ends and wasted time, resources, and money. Online skip tracing often returns instant results. Depending on how many information parameters you have set for batch returns, even big batch results can be delivered almost instantly.

How Do You Get Started With Skip Tracing?

Most skip tracing tracing online will tell you that you typically only need a fundamental amount of information to begin your search. Initial skip searches only require a first and last name, a former address, and a birthdate if you have it—however, the more information you can provide, the better. Since skip tracing uses search crawlers to return data, the number of matching data pieces available will increase the accuracy and amount of your returns.For more information about how BatchSkipTracing compares with free online skip tracing tools and other online skip tracing services, contact us today for more details.

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