Skip Tracing Services Available to Real Estate Investors

Skip Tracing Services Available to Real Estate Investors

Most real estate investors understand the huge value in skip tracing and are willing to employ these strategies. But what they are unaware o is that there are many services that they can outsource to make the skip tracing process even more efficient and financially beneficial. It is no longer a case of being required to sign a long term contract or work on the terms of the service provider as many firms have become much more customer service oriented and are working to meet the needs of all investors, from the smallest one-man operation to huge teams with dozens of agents.

For the very smallest real estate investment firms or even a single investor, it just is not a good use of time to do the skip tracing work in-house. There are many other aspects of the business that demand your time and attention. For these situations or for real estate investors who are just starting out and are on a very tight budget, single skip traces are the perfect option. In most of the agreements offered by reliable skip tracers, you only pay for the records that are located and the accuracy promise is as high as 95% for some contractors. This system is much more cost effective than signing up for a large contract that will far exceed your needs as a small or new business.

For larger firms, it’s all about the numbers and landing as many deals as possible. For these investors, batch skip tracing is the way to go. Investors love that this provides reliable results in a fraction of the time that it would take to generate the same number of leads in-house. Other benefits include fast turnaround time, a very high accuracy rate and only paying for the information that is found rather than the number of searches. Larger firms can also work with the skip tracer to create custom results sheets that provide the data in a format that is most useful and efficient for the investor. And finally, creating a long term relationship with the skip tracing company means that you do nothing but schedule the next bulk order and then turn your agents loose making calls, sending out emails and closing deals.

Written by Pranav Prasannan 

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