Skip Tracing For The Real Estate Investor

Skip Tracing for the Real Estate Investor

In the real estate investing business, there are many different aspects of the job that require a high level of knowledge and skill to be successful. Investors need to know the real estate market as well as the inventory that is available to be able to accurately evaluate potential investment properties. So not all real estate investors are going to have the time needed to learn to be an efficient and effective skip tracer. This means that hiring a skip tracing firm might be the best option for some real estate investors.

Not all skip tracing is done to locate the owner of a single property. In some cases, an investor will hire a skip tracer to create a customized list of people who fall into a specific set of criteria or into a given demographic. With access to a variety of specialized and private databases, skip tracers can customize a list to include absentee owners, pre-foreclosures or even cash buyers for properties that you are flipping. Other searches might include heirs who have recently inherited property or people who have received a large cash settlement and might be interested in investing some or all of that money in real estate.

Other investors who own a large number of properties might have an arrangement with a skip tracer who seeks tenants who have vacated a rental unit without paying their rent or who have done substantial damage to a property that is in excess of the amount of their security deposit. In these cases, the skip tracer will provide the property owner or management company with current contact information when the missing tenant is located.

Even if you have the time and skill to complete the skill tracing tasks on your own, as a real estate investor, you will not have access to all of the resources and databases that a full time skip tracer uses. And although this might not eliminate your chances of locating the person that you are looking for, it is certain to make the search more challenging and time-consuming.

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