How To Use Skip Tracing To Generate Real Estate Leads


As a Real Estate investor, you know leads are the fuel for your business. But sometimes, unearthing the most lucrative deals can be quite a task.

If you are someone who has trodden this path often, then you know what I am talking about.

Skip tracing to generate Real Estate leads is a powerful tool that can help you track down off-market properties.

These leads may be absentee homeowners who have probably not even decided to sell off their distressed property.

They may have vacated the town or skipped the place for any reason, but no amount of direct mails or any other campaigns can help you track them down.

The whole idea is to get a lead on absentee property owners and similar prospects.

However, there are some tactics that you need to learn to use skip tracing to generate Real Estate leads.

But before that let’s get the basics right.

What is Skip Tracing in Real Estate?

As the name suggests, skip tracing is a technique of tracking down someone who has skipped or left the town.

Traditionally, bounty hunters, private investigators, and the police used this method to find out about a person who had gone into hiding but could not be found at either his residence, office or any other common sites he should be.

A professional skip tracer then, through different methods, gathered details to find out about the person in question.

However, the service today is also used by debt collectors, missing children’s organizations, employment and tenant verification agencies, and even real estate agents.

Using the technique of skip tracing to generate Real Estate leads can be a real game-changer. How?

Real Estate is a very competitive market, and agents are most of the time jostling it out to get their hands on motivated sellers as quickly as possible; before anyone.

Imagine you find a distressed house, but there is no way you can get hold of the owner because neither has he listed his property anywhere nor approached anyone for selling his property.

The property is a prospective lead because no one would know about it – a perfect example of an off-market lead.

In this situation, rather than counting on snail mails and other marketing campaigns to reach out to the owner, you can strengthen your chances of getting to the owner through skip tracing.

It is very effective if you have the right resources in hand. Once you get the owner’s details, you approach him with a solution, and voila, the deal is yours.

Remember, a distressed owner would prefer a solution first, then an offer. So, approach cautiously!

How Real Estate Investors Can Leverage Skip Tracing?

Unlike other industries, most often, the person you are trying to contact in Real Estate is not someone who has gone into hiding.


So, all you need is a phone number or an email id of the prospective seller. Remember, you do not have to serve papers or notice here.

You are only trying to get in touch with the owner so that you can offer him a good deal that can turn out to be a good lead for you.

Sounds basic? But believe me, skip tracing to generate real estate leads is a very effective strategy. You can even use it to generate leads in bulk – a service that would help you get a pipeline of leads in no time.

What else do you want as an investor? A list of prospective buyers and motivated sellers!

That is a treasure trove a lot of investors would be thrilled to find.

Types of Services For Skip Tracing Real Estate Owners

There are a lot of options there in the market you can try out. Most software can scour through public databases and also provide a report with the data. There are free and paid services.

First, let us look at some free services to help you skip trace property owner details.

Free services

  • Google
  • Social media sites
  • People finder sites
  • Genealogy sites
  • Obituaries
  • County Assessors

You could also try availing the services of a private investigator in case you are looking for sensitive data that a public database would not be able to offer you. This kind of information tends to be more customized and maybe more in-depth.

The next best service you can avail if you are interested in getting accurate information faster are the paid ones.

  • Batch Skip Tracing

Cost of Skip Tracing for Real Estate

If you are looking for a paid service that will be most accurate, then try Batch Skip Tracing. It provides instant results so that you find the right individuals with ease.

That is not all; Batch Skip Tracing can also provide additional information on an absentee owner, equity% and even notify if the property is vacant. It can also verify if the address is USPS deliverable and even check if the property owner is on the national litigator list.

Investors can also get information for properties owned by LLCs, Trusts, Corporations, and other entity-owned properties.

Batch Skip Tracing can search through 155 million properties to locate property owners, cross-reference tax billing records, and the respective mailing addresses with its new and improved algorithm.

The software can also verify these addresses with credit bureaus and other government entities such as utility companies and MVD records. The best thing about Batch Skip Tracing is that you pay per result – just $0.20.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity! Skip tracing to generate Real Estate leads is an opportunity that you should not miss if you are a serious investor looking to bolster your business.

Many people tend to ignore this opportunity because you cannot convert every lead into a deal. But remember, most of the leads you would skip trace, would be leads that others have no clue of.

So, your chances of converting these leads to deals is a lot higher, as there is no one really who would have approached these distressed owners with a solution.

It always helps to come across as a professional who has helped many out of sticky situations.

Stay disciplined, focused, consistent, and never miss an opportunity. Who knows where your next big deal will come from?



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