How To Find Vacant Properties Using Skip Tracing

How to Find Vacant Properties Using Skip Tracing

Understanding Vacant Properties

The law defines the term vacant as “completely empty”, meaning a lack of both people and personal property. Also, vacancy can also be defined as “empty of personal property necessary to sustain normal occupancy.” Hence, a single family home with an only a television and dishwasher may be considered vacant. On the other hand, unoccupied means that the property has been abandoned but still contains all personal possessions and normal living items. This status would hold true if the home appeared to be in a state as if the owners were to return at any time.

Therefore, it is common to see a vacancy section in homeowners insurance policies. This vacancy section’s exclusions will remove coverage for vandalism, water damage, theft or attempted theft if the damage occurs within 1 to 2 months of the home being vacant. The exact time frame would depend on the homeowners policy. Coverage for fire and wind remain intact.

How Does Skip Tracing Assist in Finding Vacant Properties?

Skip tracing is the act of finding someone or properties. The method is often used by real estate professionals, private investigators, and people searching for family members. The problem that a majority of individuals have is not having the time and/or experience in finding hard to find information.

Time consuming searching online will be eliminated when someone considers skip tracing to find vacant properties. Using Batch Skip Tracing’s unlimited skip tracing service will allow for the delivery of premium data at the best prices in the skip trace industry.

The process of receiving leads using our platform requires little effort on your end. Simply download the template from our website and fill out as much information as possible. Upload the completed sheet and within 3-48 hours your data will be delivered.

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