How To Improve Your Credit Score For A Home Loan In 2022


Want to know how to improve your credit score for getting a home loan? We’ve got you covered. Read this article and you’ll get all your answers. Your credit score is one of the essential things that reflects your financial health. It shows the lender how responsible you are with your credit. The better score […]

Skip Tracing: A Landlord’s Ultimate Tool For Tenant Verification

Skip Tracing A Landlord’s Ultimate Tool For Tenant Verification

A real estate investor’s life may turn out to be the most financially alluring but there are high chances of it being full of twists and turns especially if you have decided to be a landlord. And you might have to employ various tools like skip tracing to keep your business afloat. So now that […]

How To Find Vacant Properties Using Skip Tracing

How to Find Vacant Properties Using Skip Tracing

Understanding Vacant Properties The law defines the term vacant as “completely empty”, meaning a lack of both people and personal property. Also, vacancy can also be defined as “empty of personal property necessary to sustain normal occupancy.” Hence, a single family home with an only a television and dishwasher may be considered vacant. On the other hand, unoccupied means that the […]

Skip Tracing and How It Works

Skip Tracing and How it Works

What Is Skip Tracing? Skip tracing is the profession of tracking down people who do not want to be found. The term comes from those who would skip town as a way of avoiding a bad situation, such as paying a debt. The tracing part of the phrase refers to using the clues left behind […]