What is Skip Tracing Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

What is Skip Tracing? Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

In its most basic terms, skip tracing, or skip locating, is the act of finding a person who has left town or whose location is unknown. In these cases, the person being located is referred to as the person of interest. And in almost all of these cases, the person of interest does not want to be found. They could be hiding to avoid paying a debt, or they might be hiding from the court system. The process of skip tracing is using information to help determine the person’s new address or even current location. Then that information is turned over to the person who hired the skip tracer. BST offers unlimited skip tracing results to our customers.

There are many reasons why a person of interest is being sought. They could be an important witness for an attorney, an heir to an estate, they could be involved themselves in a legal proceeding, they might have skipped out on bail, they could owe a debt and be hiding from the lender or they could be the owner of abandoned real estate.

The main goal of skip tracing is to find a person’s current location, but other information could be gathered. This can include a current phone number, a current address or place of employment or other contact information. As the skip tracer narrows down the location of the person of interest, he or she may contact the person of interest to serve the person, but an investigator or skip tracer cannot arrest someone. Only a bounty hunter can detain a person after locating him or her.

To locate a person of interest there are many resources used by a skip tracer.  Investigators will search special databases which are only available through a paid service but can often provide phone numbers, addresses or even vehicle location information. Other searches can include deep web research, social media analysis and reviewing other online records. Public records such as court and tax documents can also be helpful. And finally, interviewing known associates of the person of interest as well as colleagues and previous neighbors can also provide useful information.

When you are searching for the owner of an abandoned property or just an owner who does not want to be located, the process could be challenging. But if you are aware of and adept at employing skip tracing processes, you are likely to locate the person that you are looking for and be able to turn that property owner into a potential client.

Written by Pranav Prasannan 

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