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What Is Bulk Skip Tracing?

What is Bluk Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the usual method of finding an individual when you only have a name or partial additional identifying information. When you hire private investigators for the purpose, they use the method. Bulk skip tracing is simply a system that allows you to skip trace as many people as you want simultaneously. This is achieved by automating most of the process through tier-1 skip tracing data sources and deep web searches. A final report is then compiled and sent to you.

Who Uses It?

Skip tracing is used by many industries, but not all require bulk trace orders. The ones who do tend to be industries like real estate or debt collection where working a long contact list is part of the business model. It is crucial for bail bond agents and the people who work for them because they often have many people to follow up on at once.

Sales and marketing are also significant sources of demand for bulk skip tracing services because firms looking to create productive direct mail ad campaigns need to find lists of people who fit their target audience.

What Bulk Skip Tracing Solves?

Individual skip tracing takes a lot of time, even when the process is mainly automated. It still takes a human touch to sort through the relevant compiled information and produce a coherent report in many cases. Bulk tracing solves the time problem by sending all your searches at once, so they finish at roughly the same times.

It is also a cost-effective way to reach out to property owners and find those behind on loan payments. If you need contact information for a long list of hard-to-find people, bulk tracing offers you a cost-effective way to handle it while trimming a lot of time off your process.

How To Start

To make the most of high-volume skip tracing, you need to start with a service designed to support bulk tracing efforts. That is where BatchSkipTracing excels. It is built to handle bulk requests, so it is easy to upload your address list or name list.

  • Create a list of all the owner names and/or addresses you want to be traced
  • Upload them to BatchSkipTracing
  • Check out your progress with the progress bar as leads are compiled for your final report
  • Update your lists with new contact information
  • Work those leads so you can get more done every week

If your skip tracing service is not set up to handle batch requests, now is the time to make a change. If you’re getting started from scratch, the pay-as-you-go model works in your favor because it allows for high volume orders, but it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg when you only have a few names to run. The low barrier to entry makes it easy to try out, and once you try it, you’ll see how much a good skip tracing service can help your business.

Key Points To Remember

If you are looking for the right way to use bulk skip tracing for your business, keep in mind the low cost of running a trace. In many industries, invoicing and collections departments have occasional use when pursuing delinquent accounts, as do those in professional debt collection. More importantly, any sales or marketing efforts that rely on internal lead generation can use skip tracing to gain an advantage.

When you use a skip tracing service like Batch Skip Tracing with flat costs for each result, there’s no need to worry about ongoing overhead. Just use it when you need it. 

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