Ways To Take Advantage Of Skip Tracing

Ways to Take Advantage of Skip Tracing

Growing your real estate investing business is not always an easy task. It can be hard to find good leads, and even when you do, there are often many other investors who are interested in the property. This is because most real estate investors are using the same resources to locate leads. They are looking at for sale by owner listings and pre-foreclosure listings, and everyone is fighting over the same few opportunities. But using unlimited skip tracing lets you get away from the pack and find an entirely unique group of leads.

In the most general sense, skip tracers are used to find a person who has left town or is in hiding. But in the real estate investment business that is not necessarily how skip tracing is best used. Skip tracers can compile large lists of people who all meet any given criteria. This means that real estate investors can request a list of vacant homes, homes that are in foreclosure or even homes that have past due taxes. All of these people could be inclined to sell quickly and would be interested in selling to a realtor who could complete the sale with few added fees and costs.

There are also other life events that could mean that a homeowner would be open to selling his or her home. A couple who have filed for divorce could be very interested in a fast, all cash sale to lessen the stress and complications of the divorce process. Homeowners who have filed for bankruptcy are also good candidates for a fast sale to help eliminate as much debt as possible.

In addition, Someone who has just inherited a home might prefer a simple cash offer it to dealing with the issues of renovations, cleaning out the property and getting it staged to sell. Compiling lists using the probate records, death notices and estate documents can allow real estate investors to approach these people before they are working with a realtor to sell the home that they have just inherited. During these emotional times, many families will prefer a simple sale that is quick and allows them to move forward and begin to heal emotionally.

All of these unique groups of people can be located by using skip tracing techniques to compile lists of potential clients. And the best part is that most of these homeowners will have no competing offers and your job will be much easier.



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