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Skip tracing is the process of finding a person who does not want to be found. In many cases, the person has fled town or his or her known address in an attempt to avoid paying a debt. But other reasons for a person to disappear include skipping bail to void going to jail or hiding from a process server. In any of these events, a skip tracer will use his or her skills to locate the person of interest an provide that person’s location to the client who hired the skip tracer.

Another reason that real estate investors use skip trace processes and skills is to locate the owner of a property. In some cases, the property could be sitting vacant and the investor would like to make an offer on the property. In other cases, the investor would like to sell a property and believes that a neighbor might be a good buyer. But in both cases, the real estate investor needs to understand the property tools to use when searching for someone.

The Internet is a great place to start a search for anyone, and it provides a great many free resources that a real estate investor can use to gather information. A simple google search of the person’s name and even the city that you believe they might reside in can provide a lot of valuable information. Social media sites will often be one of the search results when you google a person’s name. Reviewing the person’s social media posts and comments can provide information on their whereabouts and also how to contact them via phone or email.

Other free resources include free people finder sites, but you could find that using a site that requires a small fee is faster and more accurate. Searching the obituaries is also a good way to find a missing person. He or she could be listed in a relatives obituary along with other family members. Contacting those family members could help you locate the person that you are looking for. We contacting family members, it is important to explain that you are not associated with a debt collection agency and are simply interested in a property that the person owns.

Using the free sites and information gathered on the Internet is a simple way to locate people who could be critical to your next great deal.



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