The Best Cold Calling Tips


Cold calling is not a lost art by any means. There are many professionals who use this as their main process for growing their business. And the reason that they are so successful with cold calling is that they have mastered the proper technique for connecting with potential clients on this initial contact.

No one likes to get calls from a computer, and getting a call from someone reading a boring script is almost as bad. But for the callers who can add personality and personalization to scripted cold calls, success will come. The first step is to address the person who answers the call by name. This is your first hook as now they want to know how you know them and why you are calling. This also helps to avoid the instant hang up.

Next, be polite and introduce yourself. This is the beginning of a connection and you are providing the same greeting that you would if you had met this person face to face. After the introduction of yourself, be sure to add the company that you are with. That helps to build your credibility on a professional level and set the tone for this business call.

Without wasting too much of the potential clients time, get to the reason for your call. It is always easier to offer some free but valuable information rather than just reading a script about selling an item or a service. I was simply calling to pass along some great information that my company feels will be very valuable to you. This sounds like your call was to do the person a favor not to solicit his or her business. And getting to the point quickly is a nice gesture to show respect for the person’s busy schedule and appreciation that he or she took your call.

After you deliver the information, finish with a question to engage the persona and draw him or her into the conversation. You can ask if this information is helpful or maybe ask if he or she is still interested in purchasing an investment property. But turn the one-sided sales pitch into a true conversation. And listen intently as the other person speaks but never interrupt. This is disrespectful and will not help your cause.

Knowing how to connect with a person on a first phone call is a learned skill and one that must be mastered with practice to appear natural and fluid. But the time invested in honing this skill can provide a great resource for growing your client base and increasing your profitability.



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