Skip Tracing for Private Investigators

Skip Tracing for Private Investigators

Using Skip Tracing for Private Investigations

Private investigators are individuals who locate, track and collect information on a person of interest. They can be hired by anyone for situations including but not limited to: Background checks, missing persons, divorce & alimony, child support & more.

Normally only people in the investigations industry use the word “Skip Trace”. The word is typically used by private investigators, bounty hunters, debt collectors or anyone else that is looking for an individual.

Some say the word “skip” relates to someone skipping town and the word trace refers to tracing or tracking down an individual. Only recently has the word tracing become used in relation to tracking down information on a person.

So if someone says they are a skip tracer it means that they locate difficult to find people. All private investigators should have this skill and some investigators do this better than others. And some people are easier to find than others. Bee Safe Security & Private Investigations out of Ohio uses skip tracing to locate people and information. Their elite team of private investigators say “Skip tracing is a vital tool that we use on nearly every investigation.”.

How Do Private Investigators Find People with Skip Tracing?

According to Bee Safe Security & Private Investigations, Skip tracing can sometimes be easy and many times it can be difficult. “Sometimes we have to locate people without them knowing and other times we can be transparent about locating someone.” “From my experience it can be much more difficult to locate people when it has to be done covertly.” Says Jeremy, Owner of Bee Safe.

Skip tracing is a tedious process just like many things in the investigation industry. The process begins by following the web for information that is has been published by public sources. That information can come from several sources including the following:

  • Family Members
  • Neighbors
  • Vehicle Information
  • Pretexting
  • Property Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Court Records
  • Public Records
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Snapchat,
  •, etc..)
  • Permits
  • Licensing (Professional, Business, any you can check)
  • Online Searching (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc..)

Each one of these sources can lead an investigator in a direction which can lead them to either more information or the individual. Some people may have little to no records online, making it difficult to track them. Although, with technology advancing day by day, private investigators believe that their is always a lead to find somewhere.  Batch Skip Tracing offers an efficient method of finding the highest quality data through our search systems with our unlimited skip tracing platform.

Private investigation firms that use our service for tracing people can expect affordable pricing with premium data. The workload of manual online searching can be reduced drastically, saving time, payroll and resources. They begin by simply downloading our list template and filling out the information that they have. The list is then submitted to us online and the results are delivered within 48 hours or sooner.

How Does BatchSkipTracing Work?

BST offers an simple and efficient process for finding anyone online using skip tracing. Simply follow the guided instructions below and your data will be delivered within 3 – 48 hours.

  • Download the list template.
  • Input your leads.
  • Upload the list on our website.
  • Submit payment using our secure portal.
  • Receive your data in 3-48 hours.

What is the Pricing for Skip Tracing?

BatchSkipTracing provides people tracing at unrivaled prices in the skip tracing industry.

Our rates are discounted depending on the amount of data, or the size of the report you submit. Your price is calculated at checkout with rates as low as twenty cents per record. For skip trace pricing please see the Price Chart below.

Batch Skip Tracing price list


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