Setting Up Your Skip Tracing Portal With BatchSkipTracing

Setting Up Your Skip Tracing Portal With Batch Skip Tracing

Are you looking to set up a skip tracing portal, one that has your name and your brand? Do you wish you had a portal that could be used by students, followers, or your target customers 24/7 and get paid? Well, it’s pretty easy!

But before that for those who are still wondering what we are talking about, let’s first understand the term skip tracing and why people need to skip trace in the first place.

Skip tracing is someone’s whereabouts when that person goes missing. People most commonly skip trace when someone owes money and can’t be contacted by the lender.

There are a host of other categories for which skip tracing services are required. But all that in another blog with more details.

Before that, let’s look at how to set up a website.

Batch Skip Tracing has come up with this unique service through which you can resell their skip tracing services without any hassles.

Dive straight in!

How Does the Whole Process Work?

1) Choose A Domain: This is the first step to setting up your website and indeed a crucial one. Choose one that works for your business. Batch Skip Tracing offers you the option of choosing a domain of your liking.

Why Is Domain Important?

  • It’s your first impression, as your URL is the first thing that a visitor sees
  • Domain has a direct bearing on SEO as the keywords in your domain can affect your SEO ranking
  • A domain is important to define your brand and so when you choose a name and be conscious that this is a branding opportunity.

2) Customize Your Website: Choose the colors and motifs that you think will make your website best suited to your business. This is your website and you are the king here. You get to choose the theme, pricing, FAQs, and other sections of the website.

3) Finally Make Money: Once you have done your work, Batchskiptracing ensures that your portal is up and running within hours and that too as per your liking. When your customers perform a skip trace, you earn money for every property or homeowner they skip trace successfully.

Features that You Get with the BatchSkipTracing Website

1) Admin Dashboard: View all customer’s orders, reports and customize them to your liking.

2) User Dashboard: Your customers can upload files, easily map fields with Batch Skip Tracing’s mapper, enter payment information, and files are then delivered to your portal instantly. You can also set up single or bulk skip tracing for your users
How do you get paid?

You get paid when customers pay you. Batch Skip Tracing will integrate the payment process with a top-tier payment processor called STRIPE for an easy and convenient way to get your money. Once your account is set up, your customers make a payment and the platform automatically and instantly deposits the net proceeds to your account that you control and manage.

Final Word

Skip tracing is a difficult task and it requires expertise. Batch Skip Tracing is known for producing some of the most accurate numbers almost up to 99% accurate (that’s what testimonials of users say) and that is why using a search engine by Batch Skip Tracing is sure to give you the edge over your competitors.

Moreover, you get paid for reselling our services under your own brand name. You don’t speed special development skills for setting up a website.

Now, that you know what it takes to set up a skip tracing website, what are you waiting for? Just think of a domain name and a branding identity that you wish to be known under and leave the job to the specialists.



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