Getting Your Data Right: Strategies And Tactics To Adopt

Getting Your Data Right Strategies And Tactics To Adopt

Getting your data right is the secret to driving business growth today. This is an open secret and businesses across the sectors are working towards getting their data right.

Several surveys have revealed that a majority of the companies feel they lag behind even after implementing some killer marketing strategies because the data that they have is not right. Data is the king, but only when the king has the right focus, and is genuine.

Let’s take for example real estate, today there are so many real estate portals that use the power of technology to provide real estate professionals with data on a whole lot of things, from location, nearest school, to fire station. Brokers use this kind of data to draw comparisons and analyze the property for customers.

Real estate agencies and debt collection firms use data to deliver a good customer experience. Service providers such as Batch Driven and Batch Skip Tracing provide quality leads that can be relied on to further business growth.

So What is Quality or Right Data?

Right Data is one that is accurate, compliant, is something that is actionable, marketable, and most of all updated. Failure to address bad quality data would not only cause a dent in your pocket but also burn your resources. So getting your data right is very important.

Bad Data can wreck your business but then there are some strategies and tactics that you can adopt so that you can get your data right.

What Are These Strategies and Tactics?

  1. Don’t let bad data enter your database: Hit it before it strikes, that’s the approach you should take when strategizing to deal with bad data. Because once inside the database bad data is really hard to filter out. It’s difficult but it’s important to filter it out before it mixes up.
  2. Make data health a priority: Make ‘data first’ your mantra. With more and more business firms focusing on data-driven strategies, it is important that you too make a benchmark on data quality. Ensure that your whole business process is geared towards maintaining data health and set metrics around it so that you can keep track and monitor it.
  3. Switch to account-based marketing: Your accounts should be in sync with the contact information in your database. It may be heavy lifting but then ensure that you have accurate data. No amount of sales or marketing will help if the data available with you is off-mark.
  4. Invest money in sourcing good data: Professionally curated data will yield good results and make all your marketing plans as effective as possible. Premium data providers also maintain a consistency in formats that makes it easy to standardize when integrating into your system.

    Moreover, paid data providing companies ensure that their information is updated and vetted properly at regular intervals.

    Companies like Batch Skip Tracing provide premium quality data and you don’t even have to have any monthly contracts.
  5. Keep updating your database as you grow: A good database is essential and it is a good tactic to always keep your database open to expansion as you grow your verticals. Formulate an automated system to ensure high-quality data reaches you without much ado.


With budgets being developed and centered around data quality, it is important that you too nail a strategy that revolves around the right data for your firm.

Avoid relying on manual pruning of data as it only will make way for bad quality data and waste the efforts of a good marketing department that totally relies on good quality data.

Good quality data is the key to success and it requires some serious investment. Employees handling quality data are seen to be more enthusiastic and show more productivity.

So, if your own data is eroded then hire the services of a quality data provider who knows the job well so that you can build your business on data that is right.



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