Cold Calling Tip

Cold Calling Tip

Cold calls can be a very challenging way to increase your business and your revenue. But there are some people who just appear to be naturals at the process and are always successful. But the real secret might not be the person but the script and the preparation of the callers. Knowing a few tips and tricks can help you to improve your cold calling script, skills and return on investment.

Engaging the person who answers the call is a critical first step. If this does not occur, then you are likely to get about one sentence out and then hear a click as they hang up on you. Grab the listeners attention by using their name in your greeting. Saying hello and inserting the potential client’s name will freeze them for a second and stop them from hanging up. You know them, and they need to determine if they know you before rudely hanging up.

Now that you have the listeners attention, provide your name. Now you are a real person with a name and not some random computer dialer that is annoying. Not only is this polite but it starts to create the connection between two people and gives you an opportunity to begin the conversation.

Now tell the person why you are calling him or her. Be professional and get right to the point. This shows respect for the persons time and that you feel your message is important. I have some information that I would like to share with you regarding and insert your business. This gets you right down to work but in a professional and respectful manner.

Continue to work on creating a connection with the person that you called. You can ask a question to get their involvement such as do you still want to sell your home or are you still in the market for an investment property? This not only gets the other person actively involved in the conversation but shows that you have done some background research and know that he or she had a need that you might be able to meet.

The final key is to be a good listener. Nothing is worse than being asked a question and then being interrupted when you are trying to answer. Let the person answer your question completely, and do not speak again until they are finished or they ask you a question. This respectful conversation is the best way that you can use cold calls to increase your business, your revenue and your personal financial security.



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