Best Skip Tracing Services: 7 Tools To Know About

Best Skip Tracing Services 7 Tools To Know About

Not so long ago, digging out details about someone required huge investments as it involved a private investigator, but now things have changed. Thanks to technology, we can now dig into basic details about anyone with the help of the right tools. And the process is called skip tracing.

Didn’t get it?

Let’s understand it in more detail.

What is Skip Tracing?

To put it simply, skip tracing is the process of locating a debtor who has either skipped town or is living somewhere else.

Who Can Leverage Skip Tracing Services?

While there are several fields where skip tracing can be used, here’s the list of top fields that could utilize skip tracing services the most-

  • Sales marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Debt collection

Now that you understand skip tracing let’s explore the free and the premium ways for skip tracing your target audience.

Let’s start with the free tools and resources that can help you to skip tracing people-

Free Tools

Search Engines

Whether you need to find details of an appropriate restaurant nearby or the details of your prospect, Google is the first tool that pops up in anyone’s mind. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo might be the first go-to option; they can provide only someone’s necessary details. However, you can still use these search engines to trace the name, phone number, and even address of an individual.

The search engines also allow users to use “Advanced Search,” through which you can filter the results as per your preference.

Social Media Platforms

Out of 7.82 billion people globally, approximately 51% use social media, regardless of age or internet access. Also, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., share a decent amount of data about their users. Now, if you want to skip trace people for free, social media can be of great use.

Blogs or Websites

Nowadays, people prefer to have a personal website or at least a blog. These platforms are most likely to have a lot of details about them. So if you want to dig about an individual, you can try searching for their website and see for any details.

Online Directories

Yes, several online directories have a humungous amount of data. You can search for a local online directory and start searching for your prospects’ details.

Premium Tools

There are plenty of tools available online that you can use to find the details about your prospects. However, not all the tools can be used to find adequate or accurate information. Some of the tools might provide you with old details or wrong information. And this, in turn, will result in nothing but loss of money. So you need to be careful while choosing the right tool. Here are some of the best tools that you can use for skip tracing people.

Skip Smasher

Started in 2004, Skip Smasher is one of the leading skip tracing service providers and the only top people-search data that is found and operated by a licensed private investigator. It utilizes a unique approach of being limited to search just for skip tracing people’s phone numbers and other details.

Batch Skip Tracing

Batch Skip Tracing leverages a proprietary method to provide its users with only the highest quality data. The tool can be used for various purposes like-

  • Finding data for your marketing campaigns.
  • Locating people, assets, and businesses.
  • Collecting outstanding debt.
  • Performing deep investigations.
  • Verifying identities and conducting due diligence.
  • And more.

The best part is that this is a tool in which you need to only pay per result. This means that you don’t need a monthly contract.

BellesLink is specifically designed for people and businesses who want to skip trace the current phone numbers of their prospects. However, the tool is a little costlier than the rest. The plan starts at $99.95 per user per month.

So these were the tools and resources that you can consider if you want to start to skip tracing people.

Now that you’ve got the list of best skip tracing services, it’s time for you to start and experiment with the tools. All the best!



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