Skip Tracing Software

Skip Tracing Software

Real estate investors know that efficient use of their time is critical to landing profitable deals. But with more and more investors in the business, it is becoming far more challenging to create unique leads. But one of the more recent additions to the real estate investors toolbox is the use of batch search or bulk search skip tracing software. These tools can greatly reduce the time needed to locate potential clients, and the results are going to be far more reliable than skip tracing methods of the past.

One of the big advantages to using software for a skip tracing search is that the information you need is provided in an easy to use format. When setting up your search queries you also have the ability to customize the data that will be included on the results spreadsheet and how the columns will be formatted and arranged. This allows you to instantly make use of the data without having to create a spreadsheet to manage the information. In some cases, the software search will provide as many as five phone numbers per search and will indicate if each number is a wireless or landline number. The search will also often provide a current address and up to five known emails for the person of interest.

In the past, large lists of phone numbers needed to be run through a “scrubber” to eliminate any disconnected numbers or numbers on the national do not call list. But most of the current software includes that step in the search process, so you are left with only solid and reliable numbers to contact the potential buyers or sellers. Actual real estate investors who are now using batch skip tracing software are reporting that they are reducing their search time by as much as 50%.

To increase your productivity, even more, there are options available from some batch search skip tracing software that allows you to merge your communication network. With this feature, you can make calls or send texts right from the batch search results. The results sheet can also log your attempts to contact, the method of contact and any notes that you would like to add.



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