Debt Collection

BatchSkipTracing is the easiest to use and most advanced skip tracing tool in the industry. We work with hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large institutional debt collection companies to easily and efficiently locate individuals, relatives and other subjects of interest.

Our state of the art platform makes accurate, real-time connections using artificial intelligence and machine learning to simply deliver the answers you are looking for.

Debt Collections

Locate debtors and collect outstanding debt faster and more efficiently than ever before. Increasing efficiency means getting a hold of the right party contact quicker. BatchSkipTracing uses industry-first technologies that capture individual information from a multitude of sources including deceased records, and other public and private repositories, matches it to our national property database, matches phone numbers to our telecom database and provides you the best phone numbers to call for that individual.

Increase Efficiency in Debt Collections

Boost Productivity in Your Business

Improve Collection Rates by Receiving Better Right-Party-Contact Data

Recover Dollars Faster & Maximize Your Resources.

BatchSkipTracing provides the best skip tracing data in the industry for both people and businesses. Identify the contact’s names, distinguish between mobile and landlines, identify known litigators automatically, and get more accurate, more up-to-date information on phone numbers such as last seen date and accuracy percentages. In addition, collect and provide fresh CDRs from large carriers on whether the phone numbers have been tested and if they have been reported as reachable in the past 6 months.

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Brian Manly


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Ben talks about BatchSkipTracing helping him scale up and get more deals!

Ben Blackburn


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