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BatchSkipTracing  is the go-to skip tracing platform for real estate agents, investors and wholesalers. We aggregated over 10.5 billion data points to help the real estate industry get a hold of the right homeowners the very first time.

Our state of the art online platform makes skip tracing as easy as it gets. Upload your file and get results instantly. No more waiting, no more hassle. Results are delivered to you in seconds.

We aggregate millions of data points from online and offline repositories to get you the right phone number the first time. With best in industry right-party contact rates, BatchSkipTracing is the easiest and best way to get a hold of property owners.

Find phone numbers for any distressed and non-distressed property owners. Whether you are trying to locate vacant properties, pre-foreclosure properties, tax default properties or any other owner occupied or non-owner occupied homes, BatchSkipTracing is the go-to skip tracing solution in the industry.

Whether you are doing bulk skip tracing or performing a single skip trace, we can provide you with very specific address and contact information for each and every property and homeowner.

Just upload the address and we will return the owner’s first and last names, their mailing address per the tax records, their best contact phone numbers and emails, phone types and their degree of accuracy, the equity in their property, and much more…

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Derrick Acuff & Ben Blackburn


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Corey Geary


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Adam & Shannon Niemiec


Brian is able to get valid contact information so he can spend more time closing and less time tracking down potential sellers by using BatchSkipTracing!

Brian Manly


Terry is able to get a hold of hundreds if not thousands of additional potential sellers because he uses BatchSkipTracing!

Terry Carlson


Ben talks about BatchSkipTracing helping him scale up and get more deals!

Ben Blackburn


Ismael shares how BatchSkipTracing took his business to the next level!!

Ismael Lopez


Brent shares how BatchSkipTracing is life changing and how easy it is. Data is absolutely the KING!

Brent Daniels


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