The Quickest Way to Find Foreclosed Homes in Maricopa County, AZ

foreclosed home or bank owned home can present a savvy investment opportunity under the right circumstances. These properties, often referred to as REO or real-estate owned homes, have already been through the foreclosure process, with banks having taken them over.

Foreclosures happen when a lender/bank takes a property from the owner who has defaulted on their mortgage. Lenders, will then attempt to recoup as much of their investment as possible by selling foreclosed homes for slightly less than its market value.

Our fully automated real estate skip tracing platform is capable of generating a highly detailed list of distressed properties, bank owned homes/foreclosed homes anywhere in the country. There are over 2,000 pre-foreclosed & foreclosed properties in Maricopa County, Arizona at any given time.

About Maricopa County

Most of what is now Maricopa County was included as part of the Territory of New Mexico until 1863, when the Arizona Territory was established. The growth of Phoenix and other settlements along the Salt River resulted in the creation of Maricopa County – officially established on February 14, 1871. It was the first new county of the original four counties of Territorial Arizona. The County was named in honor of the Maricopa Indians, who were known to have inhabited the area as early as 1775. Maricopa County’s outer geographical boundaries were set in 1881 and have not changed since.

How Does Skip Tracing Work in Maricopa County?

Skip tracing is the act of finding (or “tracing”) someone or properties. Our customers usually send us a list of names and addresses and we send them back the list with phone numbers and/or emails for the individuals on that list.

Our powerful platform is able to generate thousands of real estate records in as little as 3-48 hours. This makes finding bank owned homes easy and efficient. There are 4 simple steps leading up to your data being delivered. See the steps below for an in depth look at the process.
batch skip tracing for real estate

Affordable Pricing

We deliver thousands of records per day to customers across the country at the best rates in the skip tracing industry.

wholesale skip tracing real estate
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